Recording Consoles:
Yamaha 02Rs
32 Tracks into Adat XT 20 all digital
16 Tracks from 02Rs into the computer through a MOTU 2408 with PCI324 running Wavelabs v3.1, and Waves Gold Native. (Computer: PCI P-111 /450, 256 Ram with scsi on the 9 GB hard drive and the cdrs.) Mastering and Editing.

Outboard Equipment:
Lexicon reverb
Yamaha Effects
862 BBE Sonic Maximizer
TC Electronics Finalizer
HHB Cdr. Recorder
Tascam DA30 Mark2 DAT Recorder
Duel deck CD player
Sony Mini Disk Recorder
Tascam 103 Cassette Recorder
Tascam 302 Duel Cassette Recorder
Antares ATR1 Auto Tune Intonation Processor
DigiTech Studio Vocalist
Alesis SR16 (Used for click)
Monitors: Mackie HR824, Yamaha S8M, and Alesis Studio ONE
ersonas M-80 pre amp with summing bus.

Drums Room:
Pearl All Maple Pro, Miked with Akg D112, Akg C1000, Shure SM57, At Pro 25

Separate ISO Room

Studio Room Equipment:
Grand Piano 6ft
Yamaha P 300 Midi Piano (weighted 88 keys)
Roland G 600 Work Station
Korg TR Rack
Active and Passive DI

Line 6 Amp
Kustom Bass Amp
Fender Bass Guitar

Rode Classic Tube
AT 4060 Tube
Neumann TLM 103
At 4050
At 4033
Rode Nt2
Cad 200 (2)
Cad 100
Shure KSM 32
AKG C 1000 (4)
Misc. Mikes for specific applications

All Headphones and Amps